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Video Mapping- Multi-Display - VJ

Video Mapping is a new creative medium where video projectors are used to bring everyday objects to life.

Projection mapping can be used for events, live concerts, theater, gaming, computing, decoration and anything else you can think of. Specialized software or just some elbow grease can be used to align the virtual content and the physical objects.

Video Mapping

3D Preview

Multi-Display applications, from staging to digital signage, to events and fixed installations.

With Multi-Display  System you orchestrate stills, animations, graphics, video, sound and live feeds in a single impressive show across multiple display areas.

Whether you want a huge, seamless image or a whole array of displays working together,Multi-Display System will make it happen.

VJ is a visual artist who projects visuals to accompany music, to enhance the event experience.

Visuals or imagery can help heighten the experience of listening to the music, especially when you 'hit' the audience with an awesome visuals at pivotal parts.

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